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Enjoy a fall bike ride or walk on the many trails in Castle Rock

The great outdoors
The great outdoors
Nancy Bergantzel

Did you know that the town of Castle Rock is home to over 5000 acres of open space? That's a lot of exploring for you to do with your family or friend. And over 56 miles of this space is home to soft-surface or paved trails.

Whether you want a leisurely walk with a view of the mountains or want to stroll amongst the hills and bask in the sun, there is sure to be a trail for you.. 

East Plum Creek Trail is 5.3 miles long and is great for the beginner. It offers a paved path that you can easily walk or bike on. This trail carves through The Meadows taking you all the way to South Perry Street. It is an enjoyable trail through the beauty of what Castle Rock has to offer. This is a great space for family exercise. 

For the little more daring and rugged, there is the Ridgeline Open Space. This 8 mile trail is a little more challenging and contains native surface. This one would be better done on a mountain bike or by foot. Definitely not one to tow a bike trailer on. While on the trail you get fantastic views of the Front Range and the Historic Town. 

These are just 2 of the 11 available trails in the town of Castle Rock.  For a list of all available trails click here. Get out and enjoy the cooler fall air and make some time to enjoy your friends and family while boosting your fitness as well.