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Enjoy a date and workout this Valentine's Day

Spend some healthy time together for Valentine's Day
Spend some healthy time together for Valentine's Day
Photo by Gustavo Caballero

This year for Valentine's Day, why not do something different? Dinner and flowers are safe and acceptable, but also over-played. There are plenty of different, exciting and healthy options. They can make for a memorable Valentine's Day, and may score brownie points as well.

Here are a few suggestions:

-Take a cooking class together. Find a class in Chicago here. A local college may offer classes as well. Even if you can't go on Valentine's Day, you can get ideas for a romantic dinner ahead of time.

-Go ice skating. This can bring you back to your high school dating days. Hold hands, laugh at yourselves for slips, and feel like a teenager again.

-Go dancing. No, not at a bar or club, but real dancing. Getting dressed for the night and lots of holding on to each other is perfect romance. In the back of your head, know you're burning off a ton of calories, which also helps the romance down the road.

-Forgo giving gifts and join a class together. Yoga, Pilates and spin classes just some of many options. You get to spend time together, encourage each other, and share goals. As an added benefit, it gives you a standing date night that your relationship could probably use.

-Join a Valentine's Day themed event. Chicago holds a Cupid's Undie Run if you're adventurous. If not, safer options include the Chicago Cupid's Chase 5K, or the North Shore Cupid's Love Dash. Along with the event, you can get some time walking/running together to prepare.

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