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Enigma Berry event plus pre-orders for 'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire'

Darkrai must be nearby...?
Darkrai must be nearby...?
Photo: Zeke Mathers

For those Trainers who participated in the International Challenge May, the entry prize items are now available for download. Those players who have Japanese versions of "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" will have 1,000 Poke Miles added to their Pokemon Global Link account. Entrants who have international versions of the games will have access to the Enigma Berry, a special held item that restores Hit Points when the holder is damaged by a super-effective attack. This Berry has not been available for X or Y until now, so this is an excellent opportunity to obtain one.

The upcoming releases "Pokemon: Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire" have also become available for pre-order at GameStop for $39.99. The second set of games for Generation VI, Omega and Alpha are updated versions of "Pokemon Ruby"and "Pokemon Sapphire", classics released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Several features are expected to be added, including the same 3D graphics engine used in X and Y; however, Omega and Alpha will not include the stereoscopic 3D effect that has been present in recent Pokemon games. Kyogre and Groudon make their return with updated looks, while the Hoenn starter Pokemon Sceptile and Swampert may possibly be awarded Mega Evolutions.