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Enhance your Home’s Décor with Wall Stickers, Decals and Murals

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A home reflects one’s personality and taste. It gives an idea about the way of life one has chosen. More than anything else, a home is a person’s refuge from the world, the ultimate safe place, something to be proud of and last but not the least, love.

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Home décor is a very personal process. Some people like to keep it simple by buying things off the shelf as long as they are practical and utilitarian while some like their spaces to be wild and vibrant with bursts of color everywhere mirroring perhaps their bohemian self. There are houses that are adorned with artistic things, classic and classy – an easy elegance that never goes out of style and then there are some which are made of memories – everything one sees has been picked up perhaps from their travels, gifted by special people etc. There are also houses that are full of things old and stunning – the people trawling through the antique shops with an eye for timeless beauty.
So, while we agree that there is no single or right way of decorating one’s home, one can make their daily living space that much more attractive and welcoming.

Tips on basic Home Décor

  • Try and pick a style you love and are comfortable with. Play around the ideas in your head.
  • Do your research. Look at the pictures. Make internet your best friend and search smart. Figure out a budget and find the best deals.
  • Lights can really make a difference. Play with mellow and bright lights. Add some functional yet beautiful lamps and lampshades to your décor.
  • While painting the house, remember you are going to live with those colors for next few years. Usually, a textured or brightly painted single wall is enough to break the monotony without being over the top. Wall papers these days also offer a host of interesting ideas – definitely an option worth exploring.
  • There is now also a huge variety of wall stickers available to add a new look to the space of your choice and that too with minimal effort. There are bright and perky kiddie decals, classic wall murals for living rooms and some pretty ones that give your kitchen an all new look.
  • The bold wall sticker available at Binary Box of a little girl with a balloon is inspired by the iconic graffiti artist Banksy. You can create a stunning focal point in any room with this sticker on the wall. You can have the girl facing in any direction and the balloon placed at a distance of your choice, making it look different while making a statement.
  • Pick out home accessories that are unique and reflect your persona. It could be a quirky wall clock, a poster of your favorite movie or rock band, a quote that you love; photos in funky frames, elegant ceramic statues or ornaments. You can also add some paintings that speak to you and plants to add a little of green. Cushions in every size – from small ones to the floor cushions you can sit on - with interesting covers add a lot of warmth to a space giving a sense of comfort.

The possibilities really are endless – especially now with the internet giving us an access to shop from every part of the world with a click of a button. Then there are stores in every city giving you a host of ideas from classic to kitsch at every price point imaginable and then some more.

Decorating your home has never been more exciting. And the most important thing, you should adorn your dream space in a fun filled hue.