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Enhance your customer service experience by resolving conflicts

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In any organization, conflict destroys business and derails the smooth running of operations. Conflicts within the organization demotivate employees, making it hard for them to function efficiently and provide great customer service. For customers, if conflicts are left unresolved or unattended to, they start losing trust in your business and may trail off to a competitor. It is thus important for companies to solve their conflicts and empower employees. Companies can enhance the customer service experience by resolving existing conflicts and minimizing the occurrence of new ones, here is how:

Have Transparent Processes in Place

For any kind of process, have a formal method for execution of complaints or handling unhappy customers at hand. The mistake most companies make is that they try to go with the flow. While it might work for you or may be relevant in the industry you are operating in, it does not work always. You will face unhappy grumpy customers, and unless you know exactly how to deal with them, it will be a difficult situation to handle. To avoid hassle, a clearly defined process will help to deal with situations effectively.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Encourage and foster a climate where employees are kept in the loop when the company changes rules or procedures. For example, if you have conducted a customer service satisfaction survey, share the results with all the employees so they know what their hard work has reaped or the direction which now needs to be taken based on the results.
Where relevant, always let your customers know beforehand of a change in policy to minimize the surprise element. If for example, your policy for exchange/returns has changed and the customer may not be informed, they will have to face trouble, which will not translate into a good customer service experience for them. This annoys many customers.

Encourage Ownership of Problems

Train and empower your employees and specifically customer service representatives to take the initiative to solve problems and deal with customers on their own. When employees take ownership and strive to make things right, they feel a sense of pride in their work and are determined to excel in what they do.
Empower your employees to take their own actions, this will encourage them to provide excellent customer service as they strive hard and become creative. Taking it a step further, you can reward employees who are taking initiative in providing great customer service and develop case studies for others to follow. This will also help you to improve your processes.

Determine What’s Important to the Customers

As you handle customer requests and ask for their feedback, you will start to understand what they need. Try to incorporate what they want into your strategies to make it a better customer experience for them. To evaluate how well you are doing with your customer service, monitor the number of callbacks from customers. If employees are successful in solving their problem the first time around, it means they are doing a good job and it is saving costs in the long run.



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