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Enhance your calm with bonsai

The emblem of the Bonsai Club of Lafayette.
The emblem of the Bonsai Club of Lafayette.
Cover of Bonsai Club of Lafayette pamphlet

These little trees can bring you a big sense of tranquility.

The ancient art of Bonsai has a history stretching back to 4000 BC. The word "Bonsai" comes from the Chinese "Penzai". They are container-held plants that are cultivated for their small size and aesthetic appearance. Unlike other gardening techniques, Bonsai is not grown for food or medicine but rather for the contemplation of the grower and as an exercise in ingenuity and effort.

Cultivating a Bonsai tree requires regular attention, tools and knowledge. The art can be well worth the time as you develop a sense of well-being and calm by caring for a living piece of art.

Bonsai can be called an artform because one of the primary reasons for the practice is decorative. There are many techniques to change, enhance and develop the appearance; then the tree is often placed in an appropriate outside or inside landscape as the centerpiece.

Since 1993, the Bonsai Club of Lafayette has been working to further the practice of and the interest in the art of creating Bonsai. They hold workshops, go on tree collecting field trips, cookouts; Christmas parties and they participate in Lafayette's famed Global Fest.

Members learn to grow Bonsai tree indoors and outdoors, soil-care and keeping trees alive and healthy in the winter. (That's important in Indiana!) In their meetings, club participants share cuttings from their own collections to increase and perfect the collections of other members.

Feeling stressed? Looking for a cool and green hobby in Lafayette? Try the Bonsai Club because everyone could use more serenity in their lives.

The club meets every third Thursday of the month at Bennett's Greenhouse, 3651 McCarthy Lane. Membership costs only $24 a year and if you're interested the mailing address for the club is:

Bonsai Club of Lafayette

4577 E. County Road 50 N.

Kokomo, IN 46901


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