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English teacher sexually assaults student: Arraigned-out on bail-awaiting trial

Emily Nesbit, 31, was an English teacher at the Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. This likeable teacher has been accused of institutional sexual assault on an 18 year-old student who is a junior or eleventh grader.

Another teacher sexually assaults a student!

The allegations according to a news report on March 17 by CBS News states that the there was not only a sexual act performed inside of her classroom but also graphic texts were sent to him as well. She sent him photos that were slightly inappropriate and messages describing her desires and yens she had towards the student.

If may sound odd that she is being charged with this crime; given the fact that the student is of legal age. But it is a crime nonetheless. The school’s policy regarding teachers and students is not limited to age. It specifically states that if a teacher and student have a relationship it is considered an illegal act and violates her contract with the school making this act illegal and criminal according to school officials. Due to the strict policy of the school Nesbit has resigned from teaching at this high school.

Brian Perry is the attorney for Emily Nesbit. She was arraigned on Friday and was released on bail. The bail bond is unsecured and was issued for $100,000. Of course this situation will be investigated further and a trial will eventually come to life to determine if she is truly guilty of a sexual crime against a student or not. If she is found guilty she can face a seven year prison sentence for her decision to have a relationship with one of her students.

There are too many stories of this sort happening and it is morally wrong and any teacher committing such a crime should be held responsible for their actions!

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