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English swimmer swims with dolphins after they chase off a shark

Thanks to a pod of dolphins, English swimmer, Adam Walker will live to swim another day. While swimming across the Cook Strait on Tuesday, he noticed a Great White following him. Fortunately, a pod of ten dolphins came to his aid and swam with him for an hour as he continued swimming through the strait. The shark moved onto other potential prey.

Dolphins rescue swimmer Adam Walker from a potential shark attack.

Walker didn’t know if the dolphins had joined him for fun or if they had intervened to save him. Either way, he appreciated the support. Walker is a participant of the Ocean’s Seven Challenge. The challenge involves swimmers braving the seven most difficult oceans on the planet. The effort raises money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

The Ocean Walker FB page posted some excellent pictures of the event that took him less than nine hours to complete. The Oceans Seven website says only one person has completed the entire challenge. The oceans included in the event are the:

· Irish Channel

· Cook Strait

· Molokai Channel

· English Channel

· Catalina Channel

· Tsugaru Strait

· Strait of Gibraltar

More details are available at the Daily Mail website.

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