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English cult actress and animal activist Alexandra Bastedo dead at 67

Career of Alexandra Bastedo.
Career of Alexandra Bastedo.

Alexandra Bastedo passed away from cancer Sunday, she was 67 years old. Best known in the mainstream for appearing in ITV series "The Champions"and for appearances in "Casino Royale", "Batman Begins", "Absolutely Fabulous", "The Saint" and "EastEnders". But for cult film fans, Bastedo will always be remembered for co-starring in several European horror flicks such as "The Blood Splattered Bride", "The Ghoul", "I Hate My Body" and "Stigma". Her ability to speak several different languages (Spanish, Italian, French & German) led to her being able find acting gigs throughout Europe and act as a translator on the sets for her fellow actors.

Alexandra Bastedo
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Born on March 9, 1946 in Sussex, England. Bastedo always wanted to work with animals ever since she was a child. As her film career began to wind down she married fellow actor Patrick Garland and opened the ABC Animal Sanctuary. Her work with animals also turned her into a vegetarian and besides devoting her time to her sanctuary, she was a patron to many animal welfare organizations. In 1998 Bastedo wrote her memoirs "Beware Dobermanns, Donkeys and Ducks" which mixes stories about her life in acting along with tales about her rescue pets and different animal associations. She also co-wrote three books with author Jeannie Kemnitzer dealing with dog and cat care.

Alexandra Bastedo was a unique actress-turned-animal-activist. She was a late 60's/early 70's "sexpot" starlet who unique beauty (due to her Spanish/American Indian/Dutch/Scot heritage) with brains to match made her a hot commodity amongst actors in Hollywood. But her starring roles in cult films and animal activism made her stand out above the rest of the pack. Ms. Bastedo will surely be missed.