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Engaging With Your Audience with Social Media Marketing

I'm not trying to repeat myself here, but the most important thing that you can do when reaching out to your audience as a business is engage them. Obviously, this should be after you’ve identified your target audience and understood what their particular wants and needs are. After that, you can begin to engage with them.

Of course, there are always the tried and trusted tactics, such as sharing informative, educational, or entertaining material that your audience will enjoy or find useful. And, you always want to make sure to respond in a polite and timely manner when it comes to customer service.With 60% of Twitter users following a brand to get customer service support , this is a major area to focus on.

But, there are some other ways to engage with your audience.

Think outside the box a bit and host anything from contests, sweepstakes, promotions, or discounts through a service like Since those are things that 90% of Twitter users are searching for, you need to be accommodating to the demand.

Depending on your goals, choosing the type of contest will vary. For example, a sweepstakes pretty much only consists of users clicking ‘Enter,’ while a video contest could be a little more involved to judge and for the users to create. Or, you could simply run a photo contest where your audience uploads images of themselves with something related to your brand. Regardless of what you decide to run, this kind of interactive engagement is a great way to gain more followers, establish trust and create long-term relationships.

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