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Engaging seniors in Anaheim

Senior on the go
Senior on the go
Pixabay by geralt

*Jenny, an elderly woman in her early 80s, speaks on a phone in a rest home in Anaheim. She recounts some of her favorite things to do. With some help, she sometimes leaves the rest home to meet friends for lunch. TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune make her happy. And always the social butterfly, receiving friends and family at the rest home is commonplace for her. Her guests make for good conversation. But other than those things, there isn't much she can say about activities in Anaheim. Even her manicures and hair styling is done at the rest home. This begs the question: What activities are there for the elderly of Anaheim? In the Programs for Seniors section on the webpage for the city of Anaheim, a few locations are listed as having programs geared towards engaging and empowering seniors. Please click on the "Programs for Seniors" link above to gain more comprehensive information.

1. The East Anaheim Community Center boasts a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Bridge class available at noon for seniors. It also claims to have an ESL class but does not show when meeting times are.

2. The Downtown Anaheim Community Center offers a full range of activities, classes, and services that are too numerous to name in this one article. There is recreational billiards, a Tai Chi class, health insurance counseling, blood pressure checks, and much more for seniors. Notably, they have recreational volleyball along with the usual, low impact activities (crochet, bingo, table tennis, etc.) that can be found as part of a typical senior program.

3. The Anaheim Senior Citizens Club (at the same location as the Downtown Anaheim Community Center), provides luncheons, movie days, and transportation. Call (714) 765-4510 to find out more about registration.

4. The Brookhurst Community Center offers many classes and services. Classes can be artistic, physical, or performance based. Of their many classes, there is a jewelry fabrication class, a balance and mobility class, and a senior chorus. Services they provide are blood pressure checks, a diabetic support group, and jewelry repair. There is also a Monday-Friday lunch program designated for seniors 60 and over. A donation of $2.50 for lunch is requested.

Jenny has loyal friends and is happily waited on hand and foot at her current residence. She doesn't utilize community senior programs. But other seniors might not mind the social connections and support that community centers can provide. If family, friends, and rest homes fail, there is always senior programs at community centers to help fulfill the needs of seniors. Jenny can feel confident that her local community is looking out for her, even if she's already getting 4 star treatment at her rest home.

The customer service line for seniors for the above locations is (714) 765-4511. Be sure to ask about the senior mobility program to help seniors reach the above locations as well as other destinations within 5 miles of their homes.

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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