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Engagement stories from our readers


I love our readers!  In the last few months I have received so many great proposal and wedding stories that I just can't wait to share them all with the rest of you.

Author, Christina Hamlett, of Pasadena California, emailed me about her marriage proposal: "My husband, Mark Webb, courted me for three years with chocolate truffles and scintillating conversation but never asked me out because he was a lobbyist doing business with the state department I worked for and felt it would be unethical. When I transferred to a different office, he called to ask me to lunch to celebrate my birthday and, over the course of that meal, confessed he had been in love with me from the first moment we met and would I do him the honor of becoming his wife. I said yes. (Mind you, we had never been on a date, kissed, or even held hands.)

Mark and I exchanged our vows at Stirling Castle in Scotland and I nearly caused an international incident because the crusty Scottish minister wanted me to say "obey" in my half of the vows. It was also amusing in preparation for the wedding that the powers that be kept changing the date on us up until the final two weeks. We even got displaced on one of those occasions by the Queen who was going to be at the castle visiting her regiment. Heavens, it's not as if I wouldn't have invited her to join us...    

And yes, after 12 years of marriage, he still brings me chocolate! He's not only my husband but also my best friend. Whenever I write a new stage play, we divide up the parts and read the whole thing out loud over martinis. Since we've both been on stage (he sang opera), we're very good at doing all the voices and funny accents. I'm pretty sure our neighbors think at least 17 other people are living with us!"

Business coach, Jim Phelps, sent in a very funny engagement story.  While in his last few months of Navy flight training, Jim had decided to offer his betrothed a ring on a Memorial day visit and planned a very romantic weekend; the only thing that was missing was the ring. Unfortunately there was a delay at the jewelers. Not wanting to disappoint his fiance any further, he decided to mail the ring (only a man would consider mailing a ring!). He explains why and what happened next:

"My plan was to immediately mail the ring to recoup as much self-respect as possible, in timeliness if nothing else.  I went to the post office on the base with the ring box securely wrapped and addressed and presented it to the postman. He looked at the tiny package and said that it would never get through in such a small container.  I countered that I had to get the piece in the mail as quickly as possible and begged some assistance.  The postman decided to come to my rescue and told me that he might have an empty box in the back that would be just right.

A few minutes later the postman emerged with what appeared to be the perfect-sized container and a roll of shipping tape.  I packed up the ring box in the larger carton, addressed it, and submitted it for mailing before the post office closed. What a relief!  It was done and off.  How pleased she would be to have her ring!

A few days later I called and was astonished to get a dispassionate response to my extraordinary effort at shipping the ring so quickly. “How could you send me this ring like this!?” she demanded.  It finally came out:  the errant carton the helpful mailman had given me was a U.S. Postal Department Dog-Repellant Spray box!"

Stay tuned for more readers' great stories and don't forget to send yours in!

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  • Elizabeth Oakes, National Wedding Examiner 5 years ago

    These are lovely, and I think Mr. Phelps could have been in a much worse position considering all the things sent through the mails these days. :)

    Thanks for the smiles!

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