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Enfield school board delays decision, however Cathedral appears out


  • Andrew Zander 6 years ago

    I was very disappointed in the BOE action on graduation last night. Although I do not have any children that attend Enfield schools, I was saddened to see just how easily the BOE has caved in to pressure from the ACLU. The ACLU is nothing more than a political hate group that does whatever it can to spill ill will where ever it can. I do understand... See More the position that the town of Enfield is in financially, and that to fight the ACLU would take years and several thousand dollars,but to just throw up their hands and walk away and hand the ACLU an uncontested victory is only putting another feather in their cap that they do not need.This group (ACLU) and all like it need to be stopped at any and all cost. They are only in favor of reducing the freedoms and liberties of all Americans. This decision (or lack of fight) by the Enfield BOE was a MAJOR disservice not just to Enfield but to every school district that holds graduations in similar locations. Does not every piece of Ameri

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