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Energy saving window film


Do you have windows or french doors that receive direct sun?  Are you loosing cooling because of the heat from those windows and doors?  Think about applying window film to block out the majority of the heat.

Gila markets both clear and textured film designed to block 72% of summer's heat and 99% of UV rays.  Another big advantage is that the film prevents fading of furnishing and carpet which over time can loose much of their color from intense sunlight and heat.  Gila now has a product which does not have adhesive. Look over their website and see all the uses of this product.

Light Effects markets a decorative window film which looks like stained glass, etched glass and many other styles.  Their film does not use adhesives.  This product will add privacy to your room, but not block the light.

Take a look at these options, but remember that as summer heat approaches many of the Gila heat block films will be sold out.  So if this product is what you need shop early.

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