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Energy: Natural gas exports raise, so does human power

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The US natural gas industry wants people to believe in natural gas, showing how energy exports are up due to production. There is only a small reality here, yes production is up, but it does not met the levels which were once herald from other nations some time ago. US energy is being asked for only because other sources are drying up, and ours will do the same very soon. Only sustainable energy sources will last long-term, unfortunately it takes disasters for governments to offer the development of such. The reality for energy in the long-term is to use the one source we have which can change the world, humans themselves. But if every human was empowered to change the world, we would see there really was no need for the politicians who want power so much.
Petroleum reserves are being used fast, and as every resource is limited it does not take a real brain to understand they are running out. As natural gas is still available by new locations, it is being seen as a means to extend this energy field. But this only delays the problem, in reality this reserve is already lower than the majority is being lead to believe. And no amount of drilling technology, will every change it, unless this is to another world. Reality check to national leaders across the world, is anyone wondering why so many are interested in space travel these days?
There are newer technologies coming into play now which are extending our resources, but only a few are gaining private interest as most are not capable of funding political campaigns. Politics has taken control of the energy developments which people are need of today, yet it is politics of money which decides this. Energy sources need development, just as all resources must be developed, and this takes monetary funds which the petroleum industry does not want to see happen. Thus the big money decided the politics of the day, not to allow the majority to decide but force their personal will upon the majority. And as their sources dry up even more, these same want to be deciding the future for all, regardless of choices other are interested in making today.
The disasters seen around the world are bringing some changes to the energy structures we have, more long term sustainable systems are being designed. Human based powered systems are also on the rise, as is the need to power human devices by ambient energy sources. But these need more developments, and those refusing to allow them are only considering the simplest of reasons, not the reality of our needs. Waiting for disasters governments then make way for better ideas, this is not a way to be successful. Yet the way the energy industry has been arranged, it seems waiting is all the public does as it is forced by both government and industry to sit back and wait its turn.
This has been seen in the fusion projects which multi-nations are involved in, but also furthering other research into such projects in all scientific approaches. Sustainable energies are not being given the same considerations by policy makers as they see no current political funding coming back to them. Policy is set by the personal desires the individuals have, not by the needs presented by the majority or business. What these people do not gain from, they do not promote nor allow others to do so either. Infrastructure built by such personal wills does not take the reality of live into consideration, change does occur as needed.
The majority needs to look forward to a not so distant future were our energy needs will not be met by the current sources. That is when we will need to power our lives by what we directly have to use. And those resources will either sustain us or we will not be able to survive the lack of energy needed to keep up with the rest of the world. Disasters teach the governments; their public has not been given the chance to develop the energy sources which are needed for life. Empowered by the individual, each development will exponentially build outward, so long as all in the same society are will to do their share.
And that is a major part of the problem, as more politicians see themselves belonging to a special society; they do not take the interest of the majority into account. Energy has been here and will be here, but unless it is allowed to develop, no system will be offered in competition to what already exist. Politics can only operate by public consent, then those allowing fewer developments have built infrastructure only they are part of. But if the majority is not allowed to be part of a political process, it will only end in as more lives are wasted by shear incompetence.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance:



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