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Energy medicine 101: What it is and how it works

Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine
Cat Calhoun

What is energy medicine?

The term ‘energy medicine’ might mean different things to different audiences. Energy medicine can be categorized into two broad divisions:

  • Verifiable/measurable energy
    Veritable or verifiable energy refers to a type of energy that can be measured with current 21st century technology and encompasses sound, visible and infrared light, and lasers. All of these are used in medicine in the form of music therapy and medical tuning forks, light therapy for psoriasis, and lasers for surgery.
  • Putative energy
    Putative refers to something that is generally accepted to be so, but may or may not be verifiable by scientific method. Angels are an example of a putative concept. Most people think they exist, but there is no scientific method to prove the existence of angelic beings.

For the purposes of this article, energy medicine refers to putative energy used for medical or spiritual healing.

Energetic medicines have been practiced around the world for millennia. They include many forms of shamanic healing, pranic healing, medical qigong, and acupuncture to name just a few of these disciplines, all of which have practitioners here in Austin, Texas.

In most forms of energy healing the practitioner uses her or his body as a conduit of energy, also called qi, prana, mana, or spirit. The healer then focuses the flow of qi into specific locations in and on the client in order to open places where the energy is not flowing properly or to balance areas of deficient or excess flow.

How does energy medicine work?
Human bodies are mechanical marvels, which set themselves to the task of self-healing all day, every day. The vast majority of the time bodies perform this task without need of much more than nutrition, water, and rest. These become the basic building and rebuilding blocks with which they grow and heal. This is why it is of vital importance to eat well, stay hydrated, and get regular sleep.

But there is more to the body than tangible bits and pieces. To understand how energy medicine benefits the body and promotes self-healing, one must be aware that the solid world is not solid at all. Solidity, as it turns out, is nothing but a product of human perspective.

Humans, indeed all things, are composed of vast, seemingly empty space. If human beings were small enough to stand on the nucleus of one of the billions of atoms that make up this universe, the view would consist of vast distances of space between the nucleus and the closest electron, which orbits it. This is similar to the space between planets and stars. What holds the electrons and nucleus together? The answer is Qi, Prana, life force, the Universal Energy Field.

Qi flows through all things in a pattern. When the flow in a human body is too weak, too strong, or blocked conditions are created in the body, which are conducive to pain, unrest, tightness, disease, and injury. The natural flow of energy can be damaged by the body’s response to strong emotions, climate conditions, pathogens, and lifestyle choices. This is where the energetic medicine healer enters the picture.

An energetic healer uses qi, prana, etc. to correct the blockages, deficiencies, and excesses that occur, restoring conditions that are conducive to self-healing. Many energetic healers also employ the assistance of herbs, dietary recommendations, essential oils, stones, and movement therapies to assist and continue the healing process.

To experience energy medicine in Austin, including medical qigong, Reiki, acupuncture, and esoteric acupuncture, contact Whole Human PLLC to schedule a complimentary consultation and/or appointment. Whole Human is owned and operated by Cat Calhoun, L.Ac., certified Usui Reiki Master, and certified Esoteric Acupuncture healer. Additionally, you can visit WholeHuman on Facebook.

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