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Energy efficient indoor holiday decorating

Candles create light without using electricity.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Homemade nonelectric decorations for Christmas can save energy. Consequently, they save the earth. Buying them just wastes more energy through production and transportation costs. Looking for energy efficient indoor holiday decorating ideas? Look no further than your own two hands. Go green with beautiful candles, wreaths and garlands you make yourself. Recycle everything you make after the holidays. Have a true green Christmas by saving energy with these nonelectric decorations you make yourself.


You can make beautiful candles for the holidays with kits from a craft store. Store bought candles are fine, but why not go completely green? Have an old fashioned holiday. Kits contain holiday colors such as red and green and a wide variety of scents. The flickering glow of real candlelight gives your green Christmas an old fashioned flair. After the holidays, melt them down and make more for next year.

A real tree

Although it's true that Christmas trees must be chopped down yearly, they're both fast growing and recyclable. This makes them a renewable resource. These indoor holiday decorations aren't always inexpensive but they can be. Try using a live Christmas tree in a pot that you can re-plant in your yard as landscaping. Talk about a green Christmas. Even cut trees can be turned into mulch for next years garden. Skip the lights or use candlelight with caution. Have an energy efficient Christmas.

Wreaths and garlands

The great thing about using a real tree is that you can shape the trimmed branches into indoor holiday decorations. Nothing is more inexpensive than free. Nonelectric decorations like this are great for saving energy. Making your own wreaths and garlands spreads that fresh pine smell all around the house too. These inexpensive decorations are naturally green and environmentally friendly as well. Like your green Christmas tree, they can be turned into mulch at season's end.

Recycled fabric bows

Nothing brightens up a holiday like colorful fabric bows. Instead of buying them this holiday season, why not make your own? For green Christmas use old fabric scraps. Make big bright bows to tie on stair railings, dining room chairs or anywhere you like. These nonelectric decorations will light up your home with old fashioned charm and warmth. They're inexpensive decorations and green too. You can use them year after year. When they start to fade, use the fabric as cleaning rags or recycle it for even more value.

Portions of this article were published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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