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Energy Drinks Combined with Alcohol Increases Urge to Drink

A new study released today shows that those who consume energy drinks with alcohol experience stronger urges to drink than those who drink alcohol on its own. According to the Headlines and Global News website, Lead Researcher of the study Rebecca McKetin conducted a drinking experiment consisting of 75 participants. One group of people were given an alcohol only drink and the other group were given alcohol with a Red Bull energy drink.

The results of the analysis showed that those who drank alcohol with energy drink had stronger urges to drink more. But the researcher clarified their findings didn't imply this urge could result in more alcohol consumption. There were other factors that could affect one's decision to drink more, such as being able to dismiss the thought or urge. Still having a strong urge to drink could lead to great implications such as being a victim or a perpetrator of an assault. "As people become intoxicated, even at low levels, they show less inhibitions and are likely to drink more in a cycle of greater intoxication," said Peter G. Miller, co-author and associate professor of psychology at Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront Campus in Australia. That is why it is important to engage in alcohol beverages in moderation. In the end, it is only for our own good.

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