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Energy drink ban discussed at Chicago City Council hearing

5-Hour Energy is viewed for sale at a grocery store.
5-Hour Energy is viewed for sale at a grocery store.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With efforts to ban high caffeine energy drinks, because of health dangers, it was discussed at Chicago’s City Council committee hearing Tuesday, March 5th, but no action. Ald. Edward Burke has proposed banning drinks with at least 180 milligrams of caffeine that also include taurine, an amino acid, or guarana, an Amazonian plant that contains caffeine. However, The Chicago Tribune reported that no action was taken. Burke’s proposal led to a no vote, but they did agree to discuss in the future. Web publication Gapers Block said Alderman George Cardenas (12 Ward), chairman of the committee, would rather enact tougher labeling rules than ban highly caffeinated drinks altogether. No date was determined when the vote on the energy drink ban or, stronger labeling rules will take place.

This effort shows that politicians are showing concern for the health of citizens. Studies have shown that these high caffeine drinks have increased visits to the ER. The popular energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull and 5 Energy are very popular among young people. You will find these drinks lined up in the front of most convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores in the Chicago area.

Citizens need to be aware of the affects energy drinks, sugary drinks and sports drinks can have. People sometimes are more concerned on getting that ‘quick fix’ rather than looking at the full picture of the long term affects.

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