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Energy and Environment Radicals Form Circular Firing Squads


  • JR Bailey Casper Coffee Examiner 6 years ago

    Hey Lee,

    I've been a solar and wind advocate for years now, but am also a nuclear power advocate as well!

    Unfortunately, many of the voices of the past which clamoured for Wind and Solar Farms, are now the very same voices filing lawsuits AGAINST those Wind and Solar Farms, as well as fighting in the courts to stop the construction of Power Transmission Lines from W&S Farms.

    Sheer idiocy from my point of view: the more we build the more power can come from W&S and the less that Coal Fired plants need to produce......

    France gets 80% of its power from Nuclear Plants and I don't remember one of theirs blowing up....did I miss it in the news?

    Until the Lunatics/Liars/Hypocrites are recognized for who they are and what they're doing to the rest of us, AND the Pro Politicians get removed from office on election day, it'll be the same ole same ole.

    We can't afford that kind of idiocy anymore. Vote incumbents OUT of office.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  • Lee Mossel 6 years ago

    Hey, Russell,

    Believe it or not, I also support wind and solar power. We need all the power generation facilities and technologies we can get! What I don't agree with is ruining our economy while overreacting to an unproven theory. Climate change has happened throughout the +/- 4 billion year life of the planet. And, the variations have been far more drastic than most people can possibly imagine. If "man" has contributed, his contribution is so negligible it is not measurable. Just converting coal to natural gas would meet the new "guidelines".

    Thanks for your comment.


  • Carl Stadler 6 years ago

    Good stuff, Lee.

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