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Enemy Front will not be on Xbox One or PS4, CI Games tells Examiner why not

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CI Games, the brains and brawn behind upcoming WWII shooter Enemy Front, addressed the reason for bringing their title to current gen consoles, and why you won’t find it on PS4 and Xbox One, in this Examiner exclusive.

Executive Producer Steve Hart told Examiner,

Enemy Front has had a fairly long development cycle with the start of the project occurring well before new generation hardware was really being worked on.

Enemy Fronts genesis can be traced back to 2011, when originally announced and shown off not much later around PAX Prime 2012. While the word remained mum on Enemy Front immediately following PAX, rumors swirled and departures happened, while the game kept being worked on with TLC at CI Games.

While the decision to not go next gen with the title is initially puzzling, Hart offered a key benefit for CI to bring the game to the platforms it chose;

Like many other games releasing this year on X360 and PS3, there is a huge install base with a vibrant, active community that represents very large market of gamers looking for a fun WWII FPS.

While the decision to stick current gen may be viewed as a negative in some arenas, the power of CryEngine 3 will certainly still make this shooter one to behold on many gaming rigs.

Enemy Front releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in Summer 2014

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