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'Enemy Front' story trailer shows a different side of World War II

Namco Bandai Games released a new trailer Thursday for its upcoming PS3, Xbox 360 and PC World War II first-person shooter, “Enemy Front.” The game is a new spin on a well-worn genre and this story trailer helps explain how.

There’s no storming of Normandy’s beaches or massive battles in France and Germany with “Enemy Front.” Instead, the game follows war correspondent Robert Hawkins as he fights alongside resistance fighters against the Nazi war machine. While France and Germany are part of the normal repertoire for games based on WWII, it also takes players to Norway and Poland where they participate in the Warsaw Uprising, which is rarely touched on in video games.

Don’t expect a corridor shooter with “Enemy Front,” however. The game is designed with open-ended levels so that players can choose how to tackle the Nazi enemies. Yes, you can still go in with shooting and killing everything in sight but there are more stealthy options available.

A recent preview from GameSpot claimed that developer City Interactive derived inspiration from “Dishonored” as Hawkins snuck around the perimeter and silently killed enemies along the way. Eventually, he came across a truck at the top of the hill. Take out the tire blocks on the truck sent it speeding into a Nazi encampment at the bottom of the hill causing an explosion to take out the remaining troops.

“Enemy Front” is currently scheduled for a June 10, 2014 release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game has gone through an interesting development cycle as it was first announced in 2011 with Stuart Black as the original producer before his departure and Steve Hart took over the role. The CryEngine 3 power game was originally scheduled to be released in late 2012 before it slipped to two different dates in 2013, then spring 2014 and now on its current date.

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