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Enemy Front locales revealed: Warsaw, France, Norway, and Germany await recruits

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CI Games upcoming WWII FPS, Enemy Front, revealed in an Examiner exclusive that players can look to take the fight to Jerry across multiple backdrops such as Germany, Norway, France, and Poland during the Warsaw Uprising.

Steve Hart, Executive Producer stated in the Examiner exclusive interview,

Enemy Front has a variety of settings both rural, urban including extensive sewer systems, mountains, forests and the obligatory winter and POW camps.

While little has been revealed about Enemy Front up to this point besides a breathtakingly emotional trailer, and few impressions from a while ago, new details coming straight from CI Games have the game looking quite good leading to a Summer 2014 release. Enemy Front is set to deliver incredible visuals, and gamers should look forward to visiting locations they may have seen from time to time in other WWII games, but never like the the CryEngine can render.

“The player will also experience missions in Vichy France, Norway and the German countryside”

Hart also continued speaking to points referencing the games multi-leveled combat system, that allows players to choose their approach to engagements on the fly.

“The moment-to-moment experience can lean more toward a sabotage-sniping experience with the player mixing ranged attacks and the placement of explosives of key items,” Hart said, “or run-and-gun with the player blazing through enemy enclaves.”

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