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'Enemy Front' launch trailer shows you the resistance is worth fighting for

Enemy Front, the upcoming WWII shooter from CI Games, received the launch trailer treatment showcasing why the resistance is worth fighting for.

'Enemy Front' launch trailer showcases the chaos brought by the resistance
'Enemy Front' launch trailer showcases the chaos brought by the resistance

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the havoc our American journalist Robert Hawkins will cause, and balances out the carnage we deal, with some stark reminders that war is indeed hell. We see Hawkins explaining his reason for joining the fight instead of documenting it, soldiers tending their and others wounds, and cinematic set pieces straight out of the best of WWII movies.

Enemy Front looks to set itself apart from the pack of WWII shooters by offering players true choice in dispatching Nazi forces, with dynamic events on the battlefield. Players will be able to interact with the environment in ways that will covertly hide their actions as they sneak around to flank unsuspecting foes. Of course, since we are still talking shooters, the guns blazing approach is still on the table.

As we wrote in our preview just a few days ago, we noticed that the game had some very innovative elements to it, not seen in WWII shooters previously. The choices we made truly affect gameplay and how each level plays out. While we also noted that emotional weight seemed noticeably absent from the preview build, we also acknowledge that these sections were lifted from the full campaign that may flesh out the story in a much more impactful manner.

Enemy Front brings the fight to Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC on June 10th in two editions; the standard edition for $39.99 and Gamestop exclusive Special Edition for $49.99.