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Enemy Front developer CI Games discusses exclusive details with Examiner

Enemy Front developer sits down with Examiner exclusively to reveal much anticipated details about upcoming WWII FPS
Enemy Front developer sits down with Examiner exclusively to reveal much anticipated details about upcoming WWII FPS
Enemy Front developer sits down with Examiner exclusively to reveal much anticipated details about upcoming WWII FPS (photo via

Examiner and GameOn are proud to present the full exclusive interview with CI Games regarding their upcoming WWII first-person shooter, Enemy Front.

Enemy Front puts players in the boots of Robert Hawkins, an American war correspondent who gets caught up in beautiful but dangerous locales like Nazi-controlled France, Germany, and more. The game is powered by Crytek’s powerhouse CryEngine 3, and aims to deliver a shot between to eyes to the notion that WWII FPS games are not coming back.

Check out our exclusive interview with Steven Hart, Executive Producer from City Interactive (CI) Games.

How are the levels in Enemy Front going to be open-ended? What sorts of options will players have?

When we say open-ended we have designed the levels so that in some instances and in some levels players can make certain playing style choices as to how they want to approach and complete a level. We have the usual run-and-gun approach but we also enable players to use Stealth Sniping and Sabotage as alternative fighting styles. Stealth and Sniping can be utilized in any level at any time with a silenced or scoped weapon that has been picked up by the player. Gameplay supports both a run-and-gun or stealthy approach with AI reacting accordingly and HUD elements supporting a player’s tactic with the required information. Sabotage is more of an environment based experience where at certain places within levels a player has the option, if they want, to inflict damage to enemy forces by way of sabotage. When these four gameplay styles are combined with a few extra mechanics available from the player toolkit, every level can play out differently and provide different experiences and outcomes. It also adds replayability to the campaign and we definitely want players to experiment with different approaches and tactics on each map.

Talk about the different settings in the game. How do they differ? What sorts of gameplay styles are each of them more conducive to?

Enemy Front has a variety of settings both rural, urban including extensive sewer systems, mountains, forests and the obligatory winter and POW camps. We have several levels which take place during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 with a couple of famous skirmishes from that period. The player will also experience missions in Vichy France, Norway and the German countryside/. Each of the games’ open world levels presents the player with a multitude of player styles to accomplish goals. The moment-to-moment experience can lean more toward a sabotage-sniping experience with the player mixing ranged attacks and the placement of explosives of key items, or run-and-gun with the player blazing through enemy enclaves. The former style is for the more patient player and will likely yield the most in secrets discovered and achievement points earned. The latter is for the adrenalin player who wants the quick intensity of in-your-face combat and the immediate reward of achieving meta objectives quickly.

What type of development support is the multiplayer receiving compared to its single player experience? What sorts of modes are we looking at for multiplayer?

We have 4 main modes in development currently. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch will be present as a fan favorite. We also have two original modes which provide interesting twists on the MP mechanics but we’ll reveal them a bit later.

Why isn't Enemy Front launching on the PS4 and Xbox One?

Enemy Front has had a fairly long development cycle with the start of the project occurring well before new generation hardware was really being worked on. Like many other games releasing this year on X360 and PS3, there is a huge install base with a vibrant, active community that represents very large market of gamers looking for a fun WWII FPS.

Enemy Front releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in Summer 2014

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