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Enemies of Christianity: old faces and some new ones

Kim Jong Un is the supreme dictator of North Korea and tops the list of about everyone's persecution file.
Kim Jong Un is the supreme dictator of North Korea and tops the list of about everyone's persecution file.

Weighing the threats to Christianity is a combination of global impact, longevity in suppression, brutality, and implementing persecution designed to grind Christians into submission. One does not have to participate in violence to not be more of a threat than bullets. Some made the list simply because the organization should know better.

Some of the sinister plans against Christianity and religious freedom never make it to the front page, or have coverage at all. Christians are quite aware that the real battle in spiritual warfare does not reside with flesh and blood, put in the spiritual wickedness and corruption that goes out of the way to trouble the saints.

#1 North Korea: This closed society has the most unparalleled brutality record against Christians in modern history. The government does not need to hide behind a smokescreen of radicalism for justification of arresting, imprisoning, or murdering Christians. Tens of thousands of Christians are in a network of “education camps” suffering from torture, starvation and executions. Adolph Hitler’s Gestapo would be proud of what North Korea has accomplished.

#2 ISIS: There is a new kid on the block…and the stories of brutality coming from Syria and Iraq involving rape, murder, and mayhem towards Christians on a regional scale is mind staggering. When this radical faction is kicked out of al-Qaida for being too violent, you know it is scary. There are reports that ISIS madmen are crucifying Christians is order to inflict as much misery as humanly possible. Thousands of Christians are fleeing in terror which is a goal of these modern day barbarians.

#3 Taliban: Through intimidation and violence the Taliban is slowly reestablishing its influence for Sharia law in Afghanistan. The real “war on women” to discourage education for females and to maintain second class status for females is being implemented. Christians can easily be arrested on the mere charge of blasphemy and face a death penalty, or it does not take much to have a Christian murdered by mob violence.

#4 Revisionism/liberalism: The landscape in education is being cleansed of Christian influence or contributions in America. The words of Karl Marx saying “a lie told often enough becomes true” is now entrenched into the America psyche. Christmas, Easter, and the Pilgrims/Puritans’ contributions have been erased or minimized. Patriotic songs with “God” are censored. Liberalism is devastating traditional church doctrines that have been founded on traditional Christian values. Adjusting word meanings with more liberal definitions are compromising Christian values. Pope Francis forwarded his concern about the attacks on religious freedoms in America to President Obama.

#5 Hamas/Hezbollah: “We will get the Saturday people first, then we will get the Sunday people”. That adage is playing out as Hamas now is within reach of Jerusalem with its connection to the Palestinian Authority. Both anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiments are at all-time highs as radical elements are being to flex their authority over what little moderate elements are left in Islamic organizations. Iran is a proxy supporter to both Hamas and Hezbollah.

#6 Muslim Brotherhood: Two senior Muslim Brotherhood officials were received by the White House. The founder’s desire to establish an Islamic caliphate which would in essence rebirth the Ottoman Empire is not too far from the desires of ISIS and Boko Harem. It will become seriously bad news for Christians should these three unholy groups solidify into one cooperative group. There would be Christian terrorism on a continental scale.

#7 Boko Harem: After ten years of terrorism Boko Harem was finally put on the terrorism watch list of America, but only after a massive kidnapping of Christian girls from a school drew international outrage. Several weeks later Bobo Harem murdered hundreds of villagers in a Christian section of Nigeria. The goal of implementing an Islamic caliphate matches the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of other Islamic groups wanting Sharia law as the ultimate authority in Islam.

#8 Southern Poverty Law Center: Lists of enemies and having access to the government which has listened to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s diatribe about the threat of certain religious organizations makes for dangerous ideas. Indoctrinating anyone that another point of view is a “danger”, and getting the government to listen typically is a bigger danger than the one those as the SPLC are spouting. Influencing the government with your own hateful propaganda claiming it is a public service is worse than the offense.

#9 Planned Parenthood: Over 56 million abortions since Roe-Wade with 80% claiming Christianity is a dismal result. Multiply the Holocaust by eight and you still have more victims with abortion. The sanctity of life has been devalued tremendously which has had negative impact on all social indicators, thus diminishing the Christian values our society is founded. There are over 56 million Americans that should be here and are not here. We have bankrupted and destroyed our own future.

#10 Internal Revenue Service: Again a secret hit list against Christian religious organizations and conservative groups is a sordid example of government persecution going unchecked. It is difficult to accept the coordinated effort was an accident and a multitude of emails “disappeared” between both senders and recipients, an astounding coincidence. Would the IRS be as understanding if one was going through an audit? It is easy to understand the skepticism of Christian and conservative groups. What about that word transparency?

People with a Christian perspective are not directly impacted by many forces external to the United States, however the increased internal scrutiny and negativity by internal forces in the United States is creating a culture of intolerance towards Christian values. Attacking the values comes first, then going after those practicing Christianity becomes much easier.

Christians in America are now being targeted for what they believe instead of what they do.

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