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Enduring Courage: Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker flies high in this new bio

Flying high
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His is a name from the past, yet history still soars high.
John F. Ross’s upcoming biography, Enduring Courage: Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the Dawn of the Age of Speed (St. Martin’s Press, $27.99), won't be officially released until May 13, but we got a sneak peek at a rather remarkable bio.
A fascinating historical narrative, Enduring Courage chronicles the extraordinary life of Rickenbacker, an American hero of the highest caliber. The son of poor immigrants, Rickenbacker rose from nothing to become first a famous racecar driver, then the ace of ace pilots during WWI, and later a successful businessman as founder and CEO of Eastern Air Lines. Truly a man who lived nine lives, he evaded death no fewer than eight times and miraculously survived two plane crashes—including one on a secret mission in the Pacific during WWII. A staggering tale of an American legend, the events of Rickenbacker’s life are so incredible—and so masterfully told by Ross—that readers won’t dare take their eyes off the page.
Take flight!

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