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Endless summer abs workout video

Finding a good workout video is tough.  Finding a good workout video that's free is amazing!  Now that summer is winding down, don't pick back up your old habits.  Keep you body in shape all year long with the newest workout video from the Boston based "Sarah Fit Show."

The teaser from Endless Summer Abs workout video.

This quick tutorial workout video will have your abs screaming for rest, and the begging for more where that came from.  

Instead of getting ready to go back to school, young professionals are looking to maintain their beach bodies all year round. It’s a great series that is similar to the Pilates core series. It can be done 3 times a week on nonconsecutive days. It's recommended to do it on cardio days before you start huffing and puffing. This will help you engage your abs during the rest of your workout.

1. Teaser: 10-12 reps
2. Pilates Hundred: 100 counts
3. Scissors: 20 reps (10 pulls on each leg)
4. Pulsing Crunch: 8 pulses, lower and repeat 3x
5. Oblique Pulse Crunch: 8 pulses on each side, repeat 3x alternating sides.
Repeat this series 3 times.

For the move details, watch my the workout video below.


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