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Stop Extinction Now
Stop Extinction Now


  • C02Pirate 4 years ago

    It is a fact that over 90% of ALL species that have ever lived on this earth are now extinct.
    Man had nothing to do with ANY of these extinctions.
    And regardless of ANYTHING man does - species are becoming extinct at a rate of around 20 per day - REGARDLESS of ANYTHING the WE do.

    This is a totaly NATURAL process that has been running for billions of years.
    Why the hell are humans so arrogant to assume that nature can't do its job and must then interfere with it and screw it all up.
    We MUST NOT interfere with this natural process - it is the process of evolution that must be left to continue NATURALLY.
    Meddling in natural processes like this can only lead to bad things.
    Leave the natural world alone!

  • Profile picture of Amy Lou Jenkins
    Amy Lou Jenkins 3 years ago

    Would you say that the Gulf Oil Spill, or tearing down natural habitats or adding trillions of tons of CO2 and chemicals to the biotic community represent "leaving the natural world alone?" I'm all for humans losing their arrogance, and as you say we should stop "screwing it all up." Are we on the same page?

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