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End your SeaWorld summer night with a fun dance party at the exit

The end-of-evening dance party at SeaWorld Orlando.
The end-of-evening dance party at SeaWorld Orlando.
Barb Nefer

SeaWorld Orlando is an all-day park, especially if you visit in the summer. Not only do you have the regular shows, but you also have a special sea lion night time show and the brand-new Shamu Lights Up the Night. You'll want to stick around until closing time so you can catch those two shows.

Why should you stay so late? Well, in addition to taking in all of the day and night entertainment, you can also enjoy Shamu's Dance Party. It's a nightly event that kicks off an hour before the park closes, and it lasts until half an hour after the official closing time. That way, you can still enjoy it even if you're on the other side of the park when it closes and it takes some time to make you way to the front gates.

You'll know there's a rollicking party ahead as soon as you get near the exit and hear the music. You'll find characters, stilt walkers, bubbles, and more, with a festive atmosphere and lots of dancing and interactive fun. Click the slideshow accompanying this article for some scenes from the dance party, which runs now through August 10.

Kids especially love the party because they get to dance with some of their favorite SeaWorld characters. Be sure to have your camera handy to capture some priceless memories. Even if the little ones are running low on energy after a full day at the park, they'll suddenly get their second wind when they get the chance to dance with the characters, chase the bubbles, and just generally cut loose.

If you're at the park late to catch Shamu Lights Up the Night and you're wondering what it's all about, jump to this article for a slideshow of the new orca show. For the new weekend offering, Generation Nature Live, go here.