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End of the year teacher gifts

Let teachers know that they are appreciated.
Let teachers know that they are appreciated.
Dyi moms

June often means the closing of school for the summer. Teachers and students are excited to have a break to enjoy the warm weather. Teachers deserve a gift to remind them how valuable they are.

Teacher gifts do not need to be fancy or expensive. The thought is really what matters, not the price. On the Internet, thousands of ideas are available to choose from. Here are some favorites :

Buy a reusable drinking cup with a straw. Fill it up with candy, M&Ms, or anything that you think the teacher will like. One idea is to fill it up with Sharpie markers and write something like, "Thank you for helping me be so sharp!"

Use a container or a glass jar. Fill it up with homemade cookies and write, "Thank you for making me one smart cookie!"

Paint a flower pot white. Then paint all the names of the children in their class. Also, put the year on the flower pot.