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End of the year status on infringement issues and the start of the cases

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I said I would answer questions and keep up on the stories as they are part of the backend of the business as it is called. These are real and are progressing. The major emphasis on the criminal area is not really something I think about a lot. It is much more intense in other minds. I understand the frustration and anger the people who infringe cause you. Jumping straight into criminal charges is a bit extreme in my mind. No I am not soft on it just that it is so harsh, almost as harsh as the infringers stealing your work.

Let me say this about the way things progress. The infringers will always try to justify what they do. They will say you did something so they were justified in infringing or stealing your work. That is the same thing small children use. Justification and deflection are the ways guilty people try to cover up what they did. They think if they can say someone else did something the blame will go away. That is just not the case. Leave that to them as it will prove to be very bad for them in court whether civil or criminal.

The case that one of you has is not unlike mine however there are major differences in the criminal case. Trying to find someone to me is a waste of time when it comes to the actual cases. They can change their name, even try to change their social security number and use false information to get things done. Unless you have actually harassed them or stalked them then let them do not worry about it. Filing false reports and claims has a higher jail time than the theft of copyrighted materials. None of the outside information is even allowed into the case. It is just a case of either they own the photo or not and if not how much are they going to pay. The Morel case and a couple of others have set the stage for their punishment.

I do not know why you would spend time looking for them. You should do the reasonable search and publication but after that just get the default judgment and then use the power of the court to enforce it. If necessary file the criminal charges and let the prosecutors and police find them and they will. The more they hide the guiltier they appear.

I started following the Morel case in 2010 when they companies where charged with copyright infringement and the DMCA violations. The court ruled for Morel in 2010. The latest ruling is for the damages only not the conviction. As you can see it takes time. Do not waste a lot of time looking for someone but do your due diligence for the court.

My cases are coming along. Some letters have been sent. I sent a letter to the major infringer. I used the last legal address available to me and notified her that I would be using that address unless she informed me of a new address to use. People who really know me already know I have not chased or gone on a hunt for her. I have not used the social media to try to find her. I have no need. It is a waste of time yet some of the people around her probably tell her I will. Just shows you how little they really know about me. I do not waste time on wild goose chases. I do what I am required to do sometimes even though I personally think it is a waste of time. Besides, just like last weekend someone in her “circle” notified someone in my circle that she was still in Arizona but had moved. I really did not want that information. It is a rumor just like other things I have heard. I pay very little attention to them. What matters is the ability to communicate with her or her attorney and if we cannot then the road turns to default judgments. So why would you waste time looking for someone when the federal court system can get information from anyone? They can collect information from Social Security, any state agency in any state and all the banks and credit card people. Just like the information that came to me from my brother this week if true just shows they are hiding and dodging the cases. All it does is help my case.

I have already voiced my opinion of the real estate case but it will go forward as soon as possible. It is under a time schedule that was set in the letter. The infringement case with the 32 images is progressing as the review is done. The case will proceed unless the defendant makes contact and things get started on that front. The DMCA violations and damages will be filed at 64 violations as set by Morel.

Now the social media angle is just not something I do and see no real use for it in these cases. The infringers probably have them. I do not have a Facebook account and have not for well over a year. Does the single infringer have one? She did but I do not currently know and have no reason to care. All her posts and information are subject to subpoena for review as will be the photos used after May of 2012. Like I said, why waste your time searching on your own when after you file a case you can get all the information you want or need. Images on Facebook were mine and may still be to some extent. She may have commented on the cases or made remarks that could implicate others in the criminal cases. All acceptable reasons for Facebook to ship off the records very quickly, they are noted as being the fastest to comply with notices of all the social media. Those records will not be hard to get if necessary. Even if she has taken them all down and changed everything from account names it makes no difference. It just proves she is hiding the facts or has tried to cover them up which is really not smart. Courts do not like that kind of behavior as it can be considered criminal in its self. All excuses will come out I am sure but as I said before trying to justify criminal and illegal activity by blaming someone else for something true or not has no weight in court. It might just get them and those who help them convicted on charges you have not dreamed about yet.

I am not an attorney. These are my personal opinions and general knowledge only. These are not legal advice and should not be used as such.


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