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End of the year pet training thoughts

It's the end of the year.
It's the end of the year.
Rachel Friedman

The last day of the year has faded into a drizzly night here in the land of Cleves. 2010 has already been ringing in in other time zones.

Earlier today I went to pay a visit to Brother, a now 6+  month old kitten I first met this past summer. Meeting up with this feisty feline again, now half grown up, brought to mind the old man/baby metaphors representing the transition of letting out the old year and ringing in the new.

When I took Brother and his siblings, Sister and Uncle, in, they were helpless and needed full care. Before long they grew and developed the living skills they needed to go off on their own to new homes. Even back then Brother showed great confidence, prowess, sass and coordination and he hasn't changed a bit, just gotten larger.

So it is as the year rings out -- it's tireder, colder, a bit creaky and long in the tooth. There have been losses and gains and good days and bad. Optimism for the new year's chime and I want to revisit the promise of that sunny summery day when Brother (and his siblings) went off to grand adventures.

And so it is to ring in 2010. Happy New Year!