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End of the year games for school

End of the year educational games
End of the year educational games
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

As school winds down and testing leaves teachers and students exhausted, how can classroom time be best utilized? What anchor activities will further the education of students finished while helping those who may fall behind, catch up?

Plant Bingo
K Applebee

Students actively build knowledge through experiences when they play games. If these games have colorful graphics are add an interactive component, they are more likely to engage student interest and stick in their minds later. Because games are perceived as fun, students are motivated to stick with them longer and be more fully immersed.

Check out the following interactive mysteries, card and board games that can make the end of this school year sizzle and pop. These are all available on TeachersPayTeachers.

The Toxic Ooze mystery is loosely based on the chemical disaster at Love Canal in the 1970’s. The residents of Glenhill have been experiencing greater than expected health problems for several years. A mystery 55 gallon drum shows up. Then another and another. What secrets do these rusting containers hold? Can the residents (students) themselves piece together the evidence?

Additional mystery party games available include The Case of the Lifeless Lifeguard, Who Killed Prospector Pete and A Fairy Tale Wedding mystery.

Kinesthetic games for life science have students moving around as they become predators, prey, producers and decomposers. Twelve games are included in the package available on TeachersPayTeachers as well as science and English bingo games.

Card games for science help students match an image to a concept. Games covering the digestive and circulatory system, cell organelles and mitosis, weather, plants and the food chain are all available on TeachersPayTeachers.

A number of free resources are available as well on the Fools for Christ website listed under teacher resources.

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