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End-of-the-Year Astrological CuckooLandia Grand Finale

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You know by now I always see the highest in the planets and don't believe in any way in Victim Astrology. There's a lofty, often unseen, purpose for every stretch. But having said that, the next three days are really unusual. The period leading up to the New Year's Day's New Moon in Capricorn are absolute rough-and-tumble Cuckoolandia.

Uranus square Sun and Mercury today , Mars square Pluto mañana, then the Moon and Mercury jump in the mix to get squared by New Year's Eve.

Nothing to FEAR, but a good time to be chill, clear up debris and releasing of all kinds from the past, and focus inward. We are at a BIG end of cycle. Far stronger than your usual end of year.

Lots of junk of ALL kinds coming up for folks; many may be waaay crankier than usual. Unless you're a double Aries who secretly enjoys gladiator-fighting in your spare time, SUCH a good time to retreat and take care of yourself.

Along with Venus retrograde ( all about self-worth and value), this all means breathe and wherever you can, send love. And take as little personally as possible...

Be so conscious driving, bicycling, sports, all that too, ok?

However, to me, these are FABULOUS transits for two things.

1) Shed, shed, shed. Release whatever wants to go from your home, life and psyche.

2) Practice Metta, the sending of blessings and light to oneself and others. For those who don't know, you send light and love and acceptance to yourself, and then out further and further to those who need. (A good description in 'Outrageous Openness').

A little love and kindness goes a long, long, long way! Especially to YOU.

"Change me Divine Beloved into one who is centered and calm no matter what. Let me always know your Divine Peace is stronger than any transit. Let me live that peace no matter WHAT surrounds me. And let me be a force for Good wherever I go. All my needs are always met no matter what.

Whatever needs to leave, let it leave. Whatever needs to come, let it come.

I am Yours, You are Mine, All is Well. We are One. "

All is well.