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End of the world Update


The end (of judgement) is near!

The world ended for the Hebrew tradition in 70 AD when the temple was destroyed for the third and last time. Life was never the same for the Jewish community after that. In fact, the Catholic Encyclopedia explains that destruction almost 2000 years ago as the end of the world that the book of Revelations prophecizes.

A second century Roman Priest predicted the end of the Earth in 500 AD based on the dimensions of Noah's ark.
Then, 1000 AD went down as one of the most heightened periods of hysteria over the return of Christ and thus, the end of the world.
There were dozens of other predictions between then and Y2K, which was supposed to be the end of the world for technical, rather than religious, reasons. Many of them are listed here.
Then, of course there were the Mayan predictions that the world would end in 2012 (and some derivations on that). In fact, Drunvalo Melchizedek recently said that we really won't be out of danger until 2016.
Actually, there is one more major prediction of upcoming doom. Sir Isaac Newton spent 50 years and wrote 4,500 pages trying to predict when the end of the world was coming. The most definitive date he set for the apocalypse was 2060.
Myth Mistakes
Misunderstood Myth #1
Most of the worry about The End can be traced to an old Hebrew prophecy that states that during the ending times, a savior ("Messiah") will ride in and save the day. This is the same prophecy that got Jesus in so much trouble when even his followers expected him to rise up, destroy Rome, and restore the Jewish empire to its former glory. (This notion, and the idea of trying to force Jesus to do his job as the Messiah, is also what got Judas in so much trouble.)
St. Paul built his church on this accepted threat that the end was near. Even tho the end didn't come after many of Paul's converts had died, or 500 years later, or 1000 years later, or 2000 years later, many people still expect it to happen any time now BECAUSE of this old Hebrew myth – which may have simply related to the end that was in process during the life of Jesus and finally completed with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Or, for those who aren't so religious, can probably be written off to wishful thinking and the desire for one person to suddenly appear and save us all from the world that everyone created.
Misunderstood Myth #2
Many religious types are looking forward to the rapture (which has also been officially dismissed by the Catholic Church). But before that can happen:
“I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, the women ravished and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city. Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations.” ~ Zechariah 14:2
So, the good people of many churches are waiting anxiously for the war against Jerusalem to begin in a serious way. This tends to work against a sustainable peace in the Middle East, which actually sets up these good church-going folks as the bad guys, who of course, they are dead set against – in principle anyway.
Misunderstood Myth #3
New Age escapism: The myth of ascension is very much like the old idea of the rapture. And the spiritually elite today use it as a reason to separate themselves from the common folk, who “deserve what they get.”
Armed with just enough spiritual knowledge to be dangerous, they isolate themselves, comfortable in the assurance that divine order will take care of everything just fine without them (another misunderstood Myth!)
They go to retreats to learn how to raise their consciousness and cloister themselves away preparing for their personal ascension. For those who can afford it, preparing for “the end” can involve all sorts of further isolation of those with the resources from those who need the help. This is all done in the name of New Age enlightenment, but it's really just misguided, self-indulgent, escapism.
Escaping escapism
There are numerous ways that our world, or at least our civilizations, could suddenly come to an end. But unless it's an inescapable act of God, the many possible ends to our civilization that might result from our short-sighted activity (or inactivity) can be corrected – if we can just manage to not let the major misunderstood myths control us.
The end of the world could be coming any time to you or someone close to you. But that's even more reason to live every day to the fullest and help all those you can. Many have been expecting the end of the world for over 2000 years, and have used that as an excuse to not rebuild the world in front of us with any long term expectations.
When will people learn and stop relying on superstitious myths as their way out and start behaving in a spiritually mature and active way? Being spiritually active “is not about any form of dogma, it is simply activism that comes from the heart, not just the head, activism that is compassionate, positive, kind, fierce and transformative. It focuses as much on what we are for, as on what we are against.”
“It is in itself a Path of Transformation – a Spiritual Blueprint for living. The core dynamics behind the Spiritual Keys of Activism are creativity, adaptability, understanding and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.” And the number one rule of spiritual activism is, “ All Action is Based on Compassion.”
Seems to me that's what Jesus taught, but our old Roman heritage gets the best of us sometimes.
For more specific background on the ending times and what actions are necessary NOW, see one of these two best selling Anthologies: The Sacred Shift or 2012, Creating Your Own Shift.
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