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End of the World Meal, Get it While It's Hot!

Sweet potato with guacamole.
Sweet potato with guacamole.
Mona Holmes

Depending on where you live, the world could already be gone to hell in a hand basket. But if you're still here, there's still much to talk about.

Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping discovered the May 21 doomsday date by decoding the bible, and his message is everywhere. Billboards, ads on TV, every news network, and even on Facebook. Yesterday, I received an invitation to the official Post Rapture Party. His prophecy of fire and brimstone is impossible to escape. The other day, the news featured a woman who knew about the massive earthquake, along with the five months of horror in store for those 97% who were NOT selected to get into heaven. She said, "...I want people to get the message. I don't want anybody's blood on my hands. JUDGMENT DAY FOLKS!"

If that's the case, what have I been worrying about? Graduate school won't exist after Saturday, so forget studying! Pay my bills? Maybe I should give that money away? Even better, burn it! And while I'm at it, I'll have the best (and last) meal possible tonight just before 6pm Pacific Time (judgement time, according to Mr. Camping). I'll take the juicy roasted chicken that comes right from my oven. That goes perfectly with a roasted sweet potato topped with my husband's guacamole along with good bottle of wine while watching the last sunset of my life.

Some friends have shared their best meals. Interesting that some are still healthy! Share yours too.

  • "My husband's (homemade) pasta. And the tasting menu at Nobu." Ebony Q, Washington, DC
  • "My mom's lasagna and a cabernet." - Tony H., San Jose, California
  • "Grilled cheese with fake bacon and avocado." - Craig N. - Los Angeles, California
  • "Thai papaya salad, then sticky rice and mango. Yum!" - Louise R., London, UK
  • "Wine and cheese." - Anne C. - Los Angeles, California
  • "Supper: Ribs (general southern plate i.e greens, mac -n- cheese, cornbread, etc.). Breakfast: monster omelette (veggie / goat cheese type), the greatest cup of coffee I can imagine, side of bacon. Lunch: likely a raw or cold seafood platter (from Maine, thank you very much.) Snack: Hot wings, cold beer. Dessert: I'd share an enormous hot fudge sundae with Jewsus while we floated fattily hand in hand into the hereafter." Jon S. - Los Angeles, California
  • "Connal's Cheeseburger in Pasadena." - Denis T., Los Angeles, California, California
  • "Praline bacon w/sausage cheese grits and shrimp, a roast beef po-boy, french fries, a barq's root beer, seafood fettuccini w/ vegetables in cream sauce and bananas foster for desert. Lots of booze!" - Eric P., Los Angeles, California (by way of New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • "An In N Out Double Double in the middle of a 5 Guys bacon cheeseburger." - Greg D., Los Angeles, California
  • "Salmon over pasta with garlic alfredo sauce!" - Eric M., Los Angeles, California
  • "My last supper would be all the ice cream I could eat ! Not very nutritional but what the heck, it's the last supper? But just in case he is wrong, I will stick to salmon and brown rice." - Kim R., Los Angeles, California
  • "Grilled ribeye steak with crumbled blue cheese topper, loaded baked potato, and sauteed spinach, and coconut creme - lots of brew." Blythe E., Miami, Florida
  • "I'd skip breakfast and start eating all my favorite Chicagoland dishes. I'd start with some deep dish pizza, a couple of pieces of Harold's Chicken wings a couple of bites of a polish sausage and round out my meat fest with some Mexican corn and a salad from Houston's. That should get me through the day with a huge smile on my face." - Kenetia L., Los Angeles, California

Watch me write and eat!


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