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End of the summer treats: Luv-It Custard

In the shadow of Downtown Las Vegas this vintage destination is a real treat.
In the shadow of Downtown Las Vegas this vintage destination is a real treat.
Travel Pixie Press, 2010

If your craving ice cream and you want a unique, fresh, completely vintage Las Vegas treat, head to Luv It Frozen Custard. Luv It is a Las Vegas local’s secret and has been for many years, 37 to be exact. That means by Las Vegas standards it has been here forever. Luv It is a local landmark and is one of only 10 buildings listed on a historical map of the Downtown area.

Luv It Frozen Custard continues to be ran by the same founding family. The family is proud of their quality product and popularity with the in-the-know crowd in Las Vegas and promises to never sell the business to an outsider. They will continue to just have their kids and kin run it.

What sets Luv It Frozen Custard apart from other ice cream shops is the freshness. They make it fresh each day, and offer vanilla, chocolate and two other flavors daily. Custard differs from ice cream in that it is denser and richer in flavor. The good news is that custard has less fat and less sugar than most ice cream and with less air, you get more product for your money than with regular ice cream.

You never know who you’ll be standing in line with when you visit. It could be a celebrity TV foodie, or a Vegas lady of the evening. Located off of Oakey and Las Vegas Blvd, near the Olympic Garden, a local strip club, you may wonder why you ventured here for ice cream. It is worth it. Locals make an evening out of it and visit Downtown while there in the area. Located conveniently between the Strip and Downtown, it is a great stop to and from both destinations.

The custard has been the recipient of the Best of Las Vegas awards for its exceptional product. This is one of Las Vegas’ businesses that make Las Vegas a great city. Order your fresh treat at the window and take it away or eat it in your car. Check their flavors of the day online at


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