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End of summer reading, part 2

The Bungled Bike Burglaries
The Bungled Bike Burglaries
K Applebee

Summer officially ends September 22 but for most of the United States students are back in school the day after Labor Day, September 2, 2014. Want to make the last week of vacation a fun springboard back into the classroom? Consider some short reading passages that can tickle your tweens’ fancy and launch them into finishing a novel before school starts.

The Bungled Bike Burglaries
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

A free set of comprehension reading passages based on the mystery novel The Bungled Bike Burglaries is available free of charge from the TeachersPayTeachers website. Seventh grader Gabby St. Claire is determined to discover the identity of Hope Q. who deposited a time capsule at Oceanside Middle School years before as well as ferreting out the thieves plaguing her school.

These eleven printable passages are at the upper end of the fourth grade reading level and the accompanying questions span the scope of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students will recall details, sequence events, explain, describe, comprehend, infer, estimate, predict, differentiate between facts and opinions, compare and contrast, and identify figurative language.

Answers are provided. Seven graphic organizers are included for vocabulary work and parts of speech.

Fools for Christ offers a free novel study based on The Bungled Bike Burglaries. This offers a perfect way to guide reading past the first three chapters (covered by the eleven passages) and lead readers to race to solve the mysteries as the protagonist does.

Guided reading has been traditionally associated with grades one through three but it can be modified for older students and even adults. Solving a mystery as characters do provides a perfect way to teach or reinforce prediction skills, one of the key areas struggling readers need to develop and sharpen. Without these skills, students fall behind in not only reading but also other subjects.

Additional novel studies and free resources can be found on the Fools for Christ website.

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