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End of summer means end of good life in camping grounds for kittens

Camping Cat in Peril
Camping Cat in Peril
Linda Labrie

With Labor Day week-end, many camping grounds will close for the winter in our area.

For years I tried to educate people not to leave behind the kitten they took at the beginning of the summer.

To quote the famous Yogi Berra its ";Déjà vu all over again";.

But I noticed that we see more and more orange strays. People want colors. It does not make them more responsible though. Our education campaign will have to start in the spring next year so the girls who praise themselves of having adopted out so many kittens, make sure they don't end up giving them to people that will abandon them.

Sure, they will be spending the summer in a camping ground just to suffer and die when people leave.

If you live near such a camping ground or visit next week-end when it closes, please check out for these lost souls that will be left behind.

We captured a mother and two of her kittens last night (two more to catch this week). They were living in a new housing project that is looking like a war zone. No place to hide or rest. Luckily this girl is feeding them for another week but they will not survive the winter, no way.

Anyone to adopt ? Just write to me or donate to help with the sterilization. Thanks

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