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End of LOST could mean found jobs

The end of Lost could mean the beginning of some new jobs around Los Angeles
The end of Lost could mean the beginning of some new jobs around Los Angeles

Quick disclaimer, I know nothing about how television programs get made and I am probably not qualified to write this article.  But that has never stopped me before, so here I go. 

Early estimates are projecting some 16.5 million viewers tuned into ABC last night for the series finale of LOST.  Presumably millions more will be on or watching the last episode via TiVo later this week.

Even at it's low point, over 10 million viewers a week watched the show in primetime.  Potentially there are millions more a week who watched the show on, Hulu and other on-line servers.  Over one-million DVD box sets of season one through five have been sold.  Billions in ad revenue has been made by ABC on this show and royalties will probably continue for decades.

As the blog sites, water cooler arguments, and facebook posts regarding the series finale begin to fade over the upcoming weeks; hard-core fans of the show will be looking to fill the Lost void with a new addiction. 

I'm certain ABC and others will want to re-capture the magic of Lost as soon as possible. 

Flash-Forward, V, Happy Town and dozens of other serial dramas have recently aired with a fraction of the success, critical acclaim, or fan-fare that became common place with Lost.

I am certain that an entertainment arms race of sorts is underway throughout the television world and specifically here in Los Angeles.  A creative arms race involving hundreds of writers, producers, directors and agents must be in full swing as every television station and program director in town tries to replicate the magic of Lost

Many of these ideas will result in employment for an array of individuals as pilots are developed and eventually shows go into syndication. 

From the wealthy writers, producers, and actors; to the struggling caterers, editors and costume designers whom all make up the television industry, the end of Lost may mean some new jobs throughout Los Angeles.


  • Kobe Bean Bryant 5 years ago

    Dude - You should be watching the Lake Show and TIVO this stupidity. You jinxed us. If you had watched us instead, we might have pulled it out in the 4th quarter....

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