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Metro North will be eliminating all of the remaining 1971 Bar Cars built by Budd Company this year and there are no replacement configurations in remaining M8 order. High operating and maintenance costs are reasons along with original M-2 cars they are a part of. Only 3 of the original 10 cars are in service. The other 7 have long been out of service and scrapped. Bar Cars are permanently used with an all coach version of an M-2 since each set is permanently mated by means of a drawbar.

Newer M-4 cars have no cafe or bar configurations and built as three car drawbar coupled set with center car having no operating cabs on the B Ends. M-4 cars were built this way for increased seating capacity and look like the M-2. M-6 paired sets were last of this design.

The M-2\\4\\6 cabs share design of that used on NYCTA R42 transit cars.
Design totally changed with current Kawasaki built M-8 cars.
Jerome A. Rosenfeld

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