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End College Rape: Deadline POTUS 90 Days To Better is April 22 or thereabouts

POTUS End College Rape: 90 days to better deadline is April 22 or thereabouts
POTUS End College Rape: 90 days to better deadline is April 22 or thereabouts

POTUS announced about 90 days ago, that in 90 days the results of what is known as the college rape survey would be attended by his Women's Issues staffer Valerie Jarrett, with a committee directly attending to same.

Next week, on Tuesday, marks the about 90 day mark, but no end date listed and actually no updates presented to the public on progress on this topic.

Yesterday, the local KGOU/KOSU NPR station did an interview with former US President, Jimmy Carter who was discussing his latest call for a world response to the failed issue of women's rights. Content alot like this with a focus on a book Mr. Carter has released and plans to stump regarding same.

Mr. Carter, and his wife Rosalyn Carter have from the Atlanta based Carter Center engendered change for many issues that effect the quality of life, from Habitat for Humanity, to Mental Health to water quality issues.

Per Wikipedia ( the common man's review of stuff) Mr. Carter and his wife Rosalynn founded the Carter Center in 1982,[4] a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization that works to advance human rights. He has traveled extensively to conduct peace negotiations, observe elections, and advance disease prevention and eradication in developing nations.

God love the man ( Mr. Jimmy Carter) , who has a Bachelor's Degree in Science, and a Master's in an advanced science (After high school, Carter enrolled at Georgia Southwestern College, in Americus. Later, he applied to the United States Naval Academy and, after taking additional mathematics courses at Georgia Tech, he was admitted in 1943. Carter graduated 59th out of 820 midshipmen at the Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree with an unspecified major, as was the custom at the academy at that time.[13] After serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific U.S. Submarine Fleets, Jimmy Carter attended graduate school at Union College, majoring in reactor technology and nuclear physics.[14][15) as this perfectly dovetails the missing element on the issue of sex assault in current handlings now that the public has been advised, and accepts that it would be virtually impossible to know a college age person who is not a sex assault survivor and many in fact know many, and may know perpetrator (s).

MISSING ELEMENTS and next right things on the college rape question effects ALL sex assault, sex aggression and teen dating violence questions.

It is all relational violence, and all needs to stop. But.... MISSING ELEMENTS or next right things....

1.) The college rape study did not ( and wasn't to) address just why people don't report

2.) The college rape study did not (and wasn't to) address just who had a prior assault history a.) either as a victim at a younger age b.) as a perpetrator at any age or c.) both

3.) The college rape study did not ( and wasn't to) address the vast problems with the absence of uniformity in inbound reporting for a.) sex assault or any reports of sexualized aggression, b.) investigations of said reports c.) required time frames to process sex assault reports, evidence and labs d.) court processes for this series.

4.) Utter absence of comprehension of the expenses connected to this problem of identified college rape inkind and actual, over many environments traceable for years... this is covered in the first link in this story ..... in speculations not a profile. Currently, no group worldwide is studying the issue of faulty or skewed or somehow improper inbound reporting processes or any of the following items.

Will Mr. Carter be called by the public to focus on this pending date, April 22, 2014 ( That's next TUESDAY by the way). And call, fax, email and Twitter him... raise a hand in question at a lecture stumping the book?

To advocates, and people who are "in the business" of dealing with these issues, the need for a medically, statistically significant review of measurement driven review of processes chosen to cull information about sex assault and response to sex assault is no mystery. But how will that couple with POTUS call for 90 days to better? Couple with newly presenting possible spokesperson volunteers on the scene like Mr. and Mrs. Carter, joining people like Hilary and Chelsea Clinton... Marissa Hartgay..... or Tori Amos who has been on the scene for years?

Since many of the problems that onset from the MOMENT of the act of assault fall then and over time to HHS or like, because of what befalls the victim and possibly their descendants...... will the new Secretary for HHS, Burris-Matthews be on this, championing it for change? Ms. Burris-Matthews is to step on shortly and her position appointment noted within less than 24 hrs after the prior departure publicly announced.

Would changes in the processes required, if uniform across the US or even the world.

Could this have effected the Relisha Rudd case out of Washington DC? Can making these changes still effect it? The College Rape study was focused on one group, but can change responses just about anyone, if it is given the power to change, and proper eyes to direct it.

The public waits for indications of what POTUS finds as next right things.

Twitter accounts for major players in this article are:

@POTUS President Barack Obama

@FLOTUS First Lady, Michelle Obama

@vp Vice President, Joe Biden

@vj44 Valerie Jarrett

@CarterCenter former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn Carter

@HHSgov Health and Human Services

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BTW this map link from POLARIS implies if does not directly define readiness in states to actually SEE the problem of child sex trafficking, and if they have responsible and correlating laws in place. BUT better than that, it says if the state has proper TOOLS to handle these issues and if the state staff is trained to reply.

It would be difficult to believe that this type of information does NOT reflect deficits, strengths and proper models, which would be great descriptors over this search for a national standard of reporting and response, investigations and court processing.

This counseling program was funded by the state. Imagine if a clinician has to train for a year on this topic, with only TWO cases, what standards could benefit the training and supervision of persons taking reports on sex assaults.

The same state above, has had a history in the last 10 years of using any bachelors degree with 12 hours of training in child sex abuse reporting and child removal.

8 groups are involved in child sex abuse reporting. They aren't in chorus, and are the highest risk victims of all sex assault reports.

Surely the US can do better.

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