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Encompassing energy and edge: music festivals outside Chicago should be attended

Any Chicagoan is aware of the immense and diverse music scene within the Windy's City vicinity, and to have easy access to such richness is a remarkable privilege. However, such a privilege can also evoke a wall buildup, to the point where the city's citizens may ignore any outside musical acts and miss out on an experience that may surpass Chicago's or not even compare. While festival season may be out of date currently, there is constant preparation--that is to say, no sooner does it end than it begins again--and the amount of unique festivals available to those in this country are highly underestimated and shunned. Chicagoans should consider attending out-of-state music festivals, and below are some reasons why:

  • Experience the acts. - While some bands tend to be repeated at certain festivals, lineups always differentiate to some extent and add more zest to the festival.
  • Enjoy the view! - By attending a festival outside of what's familiar, attendees are able to glimpse what that part of the country is like through nature. There's more to life than flat-lands, after all!
  • Expose your Chi-town pride. - What a better way to fuel your enthusiasm for the music in a different state than to express how proud you are to be from or to live where you are--Chicago. Talk to those nearby and/or show your pride by means of attire or accessories (buttons or patches). Influence others to come to Chicago for the music festivals you're most proud of!
  • Enhance your worldliness/personal passport. - Travelling is always an adventure that expands one's worldview and growth as an individual. Breaking up rituals and seeing into a different window can be refreshing and/or alerting.
  • Educate others of the exhilarating opportunity. - Music festivals are always fun conversation points, and informing others of what's outside of their comfort zones is apt to influence their upcoming plans.
  • Encourage future attendance. - Bring your friends and family! Chances are they're going to love it as much as you.

No other city may be able to compare to Chicago, but there are certainly other musical diversions worthy of experiencing. Some festivals that avid music listeners should look into include Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, Washington), Bonnaroo (, Tennessee), FYF (Los Angeles, California), Music Midtown (Atlanta, Georgia) and more. There will be absolutely nothing regretted--guaranteed!

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