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Emy Madrigal confirms relationship with Sheryn Regis

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Several days ago, Sheryn Regis, former contract artist of ABS-CBN and runner up in a singing competition on TV, released her statement regarding her rumored relationship with Emy Madrigal, and based on her revelation, she never had an affair with other woman contrary to some observers claim. Again that was a few days ago, today, June 12, 2014, while the Philippines is celebrating its Independence Day, Emy Madrigal, her alleged partner aside from his husband, released her own statement regarding the issue through

Based on her released statement on, she and Sheryn Regis had a very good relationship in the past, but she also confirmed she had a very bad experience with the Cebuana singer. Allegedly, Sheryn made her believe that she loves her, unfortunately, according to Emy, it turned out that Sheryn has just used her because the truth is; Sheryn was also in a relationship with her husband’s relative during that time.

The self-confessed partner of Sheryn told that all she wanted was an apology from Sheryn, but according to her, Sheryn challenged and threatened her instead of apologizing for her lies. Emy Madrigal continued to reveal important things about her and Sheryn Regis on; she said she also had explicit photos and transcriptions of Sheryn’s text messages.

She also revealed that Sheryn loves dirty talks and calls her honey, celphone loads amounting to Php120K and Apple gadgets were also mentioned by Emy in her statement on pep. After reading her statement, some observers took to their social media accounts and immediately shared their opinion regarding Emy's alleged relationship with singer Sheryn Regis.

Many of them are castigating Sheryn for her misadventures while others believe that the singer should be given the chance to air her side regarding the issue. Sadly, Sheryn is still keeping her silence up to this very moment, but according to some insiders, she will give her full statement in due time.



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