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Empowering women and uplifting men: Sistas Inspiring Sistas and ASalute2U

On August 16th, Sistas Inspiring Sistas is taking time to celebrate the good works of men in the metro-Atlanta community.  Make plans to join them!
Used with the permission of Sistas Inspiring Sistas

Empowerment and uplift.

These are themes that are central to any individual and any collective or community. Empowerment can result in individuals being able to do for themselves and be a more viable and powerful resource to their families and communities; being able to do the same for an ethnic group, gender, or larger community means the hope of making one's immediate community an improved place in which to live, work, and play can be more of a realization and less of a slogan.

One such organization that focuses on the aforementioned themes is Sistas Inspiring Sistas. With their chapters in Atlanta, Brunswick (GA), Charlotte (NC), Jacksonville (FL), Wilmington (DE), Nyack (NY), Dallas (TX), Houston (TX), and Clearwater (FL), along with an emphasis on bridging the gap between women of color one woman at a time, they are able to better realize their goals of inspiration and motivation of women to be the best resources they can for their families, friends, and communities. One of their interrelated projects is their Sistas Inspiring Brothers platform; through the lenses of being able to encourage, motivate, and uplift men of color, they are able to make a positive and long-lasting impact on their serving areas and immediate communities.

On Saturday, August 16th, the organization is launching their inaugural event to celebrate and promote the accomplishments of men in the public and private sector. Entitled ASalute2U, the focus is to honor men in the interlocking communities, as well as showing a measure of appreciation for their dedication to their families, friends, loved ones, and others they are able to connect with and effectuate a positive and encouraging change for the greater good.

The men who are recognized for this year's event include a wide range of men whose platforms range from efforts grounded in humanitarian, philantrophic, entrepreneurship, social action, community leadership, youth advocacy, brand architecture, health advocacy (lupus), culinary, and media-based efforts and programs of impact. Anthony Delgado (Humanitarian Award), Stevie Baggs (PhilantrophyAward), Frederick Anderson (Entrepreneurship Award), Derrick Boazman (Social Innovator Award), Andrew Snorton (Community Leadership Award), Mawuli Davis (Social Innovator Award), Reginald Crossley (Youth Advocate Award), Daniel Dickey (Brand Architect Award), Michael Keith (Health Award for his advocacy related to lupus), and Robert Gayle (Culinary Award) are the men who are part of this year's program.

Willie Stewart, the CEO of Trendsetters Media Group, is noted as a Special Addition Honoree. UR, Tees & Quotes, Future Vision, and Brittany Carmelle PR are among the businesses serving as sponsors for the event. For those who are interested in serving as sponsors, you are encouraged to contact the organization by July 16th (click here for more details).

As an added means of community connectivity, there is a need for volunteers for the event. The organization is asking for young men in 10th-12th grade who are interested in volunteering (there are two shifts available-one is from 12-2:30pm and the other is from 2:30-5pm) to contact Ms. Sherry Reed via email ( or by phone at 478-420-0319.

Tickets for the event are $10 in advance and $15 at the door; proceeds for the event are supporting Black Celebrity Giving's initiative to provide new and slightly used clothing and shoes to benefit homeless youth. Attendees are encouraged to bring the mentioned items for the event which is grounded in community empowerment.

Any organization that focuses on individual and collective uplift is one to take notice of and pay attention to. When such an organization takes time to recognize, support, encourage, and appreciate the positive impact that men make on a regular basis, it can clearly motivate and inspire their peers and others in the community to do their part in making things better for all they are connected to.

Salute and uplift them, just as they are doing for you.

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