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Empowering Pregnancy with Pilates and other mind-body modalities

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The state of pregnancy is often presented as a medical condition instead of a natural state. Being pregnant is not the same as a diagnosis of a chronic illness such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. However, first time moms-to-be often experience a very clinical approach from their health care providers throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different for the same woman. Various factors influence whether a woman has an easy or difficulty pregnancy. Other influences that play into the experience of pregnancy includes anticipatory anxiety towards childbirth and dis-empowering attitudes from others about the pregnancy.

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Within the spectrum of experiences and perspectives on pregnancy there is an option to have an “Empowering Pregnancy”. A new program aptly named “Empowering Pregnancy” aims to live up to its title. Developed by Shelley Poovey and Candace Walters, two NYC-based fitness and mind-body specialists with extensive experience in pre and post-natal excercise, the system offers a series of practical mind-body approaches to ease a woman into motherhood.

One standout aspect of “Empowering Pregnancy” is that is organized in a format which address the specific changes of each trimester. Through movement, visualization, and meditation techniques, Poovey and Walters have designed a method that may support the kind of mental, physical, and emotional qualities needed to ease into pregnancy and childbirth.

Poovey and Walters teamed up to create “Empowering Pregnancy” to combine their years of experience working with female clients during their pregnancies. Both are certified Pilates teachers from The Kane School of Core Integration in New York City with specialized training in pelvic floor health and pregnancy. In addition to her Pilates training, Poovey is also an Advanced BodyTalk practitioner who works with clients locally and throughout the US. As a result of their knowledge and training, the pair decided to deliver “Empowering Pregnancy” as an interactive workshop in Manhattan. Their intention is to facilitate the kind of grounding and ease for mothers-to-be in order to optimize bonding with their children in utero and after childbirth.

Empowering Pregnancy is currently only offered in NYC but the pair are expanding their work to reach a greater audience. They are currently working on a book, also titled “Empowering Pregnancy”, which is expected to be published in 2014.