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If you are searching yourself, you know the problems. Whether searching for that dream job, or any job, you need the right tools to succeed.

Everyone who ever used the internet to find a job knows the problems:
Job announcements are posted and then disappear before the interview.
It is difficult to stay organized and match job listings to the actual cover letter and resume used to apply for the job.
There are no integrated calendar reminders for follow up to a job application tying events to documents.
Job seekers must maintain multiple copies of resumes, cover letters and documents separately on every site they use.
There is no way to research a job or company and easily attach or link it to an application and job listing. Recalling information is impossible.
When an employer calls, instant access is necessary. Sadly, without a comprehensive system it is difficult to quickly retrieve all documents and research related to a specific job listing.
Finding a good job should not require learning new skills or become a nightmare in clerical work. It is absurd for every job seeker to create their own system for tracking their efforts. Seekers should have an EASY way of tracking what jobs, on which sites, with which cover memos and resume version were sent for any given application.

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