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Employment Out Look In Cleveland Ohio


  • Reality 6 years ago

    I travel all over the United States for Buisness; has Mr. Jones travelled recently or done buisness outside of Ohio and North East Ohio? Yes, it is true that things are down financially around the United States, but there are a lot of places that do not look as badly ravaged as Cleveland proper or Detroit. Mr. Jones fails to note the companies keep leaving, or threaten to leave. The down town is a shambles to say the least; has Mr. Jones notices that peoople are leaving this region in very lardge numbers? Why are they leaving, ist ibecsue the future is bright in North East Ohio. Our real estate valuesare plumeting and not recovering like other cities have begun to. Real Winner of a city this Cleveland is!

  • A 6 years ago

    Ohio needs to focus job creation efforts along the lines of IMPACT, the Investment in Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology Act of 2009. The focus of this federal program is on strengthening existing Ohio plants across manufacturing sectors. This is the most direct way to support Ohio workers and communities. I found a report that examines the impact of IMPACT, which would create revolving loan funds for small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms investing in energy efficiency. Over ten years, IMPACT could create between 41,063 and 52,214 new jobs in Ohio. Read more:

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