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Employment: Deserving a raise, beware what you wish for

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There are a lot of sad troubles coming; Congress and the White House are moving to increase the minimal wages in the US. The White House has already moved, and more are pushing to have higher wages set through Congress, stating it will relief poverty. But in reality, we have increases in wages ever since there has been money to do so with, yet there has been no poverty relief from such. Adam Smith’s concept of “Wealth of Nations” is what started this race of wages; those concepts have long since been disproven. Poverty has only increased the move we believe in wealth solving problems, and it will continue as long as we continue to follow such. Wages do not provide or take away the value of one’s life, income only pays for living debits, but wages are not the only income.
Movements to increase the minimal wages in the US have been coming for some time, increased pressure by business needing more consummations. The concepts of wages and consumptions are intertwined by manufactures, for all economic theories state the more one is paid the more on spends. And manufactures are desperately seeking ways to make the public consume more, without which they their productions are useless. The cash flows to major manufacturers has been lessened for some time, they need more incoming cash to assure investors. Remember the stock markets went down and the loss of the US AAA bonds, these are all tied to the same and without more consumption these same markets are going down again.
Hoffa is determined to remove incentive pay for CEO, now do not get me wrong they get paid too much but incentive pay is for quality work done. Quality work does not come by valuing one individual more than another and economics as a social activity first determines we are all equal thus all should be valued equally. Those who see others as less equal or their jobs as less important are the ones spewing these lies, and Congress is filled with the same attitude. Poverty relieve does not come until everyone is seen as the same in value, and those debits one has must be paid just as equally as those for another. Throughout history wages have increased, as have the debits for building our lives, yet poverty has not ended it is getting worse.
Money was not created to allow wealth, but to allow communications of events within society and those matters needed to govern that society. The real impact of money than only comes by the society willingness to accept the use of this money. Mass consumption was started to allow mass productions, this to allow a few to control the markets and become social elites to direct political actions. Infrastructure built up over many years focuses in one direction, with those willing to offer a better solution not allowed to even speaking freely, it is not a good direction. Thus only those willing to support this one direction are heard, while those opposing are killed as the social elite direct to assure there is no further oppositions.
Those opposing the White House today have stated how much the new state of the union speech will cost, but they forget every budget costs. And we need a budget to operate such a government, yet we do not need those in it gaining at such high expense to others. Nor should those in private enterprises be offered gains they have not earned, nor are so far above what others are paid. If all were called equal, than the debits one has is no less important than the debits another has. Poverty is caused by the social elite not removing the economic waste they have caused in their personal desires for glory.
The veterans have earned their way in life, yet so many promises have been made to them in the past they can not expect Congress or the White House to keep them anymore. The public has seen these promises fade away, just as soon as the political careers are once more in office. This constant desire to gain while the public suffers has shown no real interest in serving the public, only serving more consumption. We do not need constant consumption, instead we need to offer every member of society the same equality and liberties we take for granted ourselves. Wages are a resource like any which are in limited supply, and as they form value, allow a false communication of facts.
And minimal wage increases will fail to reduce poverty, for they will continue to cause diffusion among the public based only on wages. Incomes caused by wages have been secured for the social elite through courts traditions excluding the legal means the majority regain once had for equality. Presidential and Congressional orders are removed by judges who refuse to allow equality even though the law states it must be accepted. As long as the judicial process is controlled by judges who are bought out, it does not matter what wages one gains, there will be in increasing level of poverty. Divide and conquer is what was started, the first horseman has been here for some time then.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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